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River Pathways

Audubon Arizona's River Pathways program transforms high school students into the next generation of conservation leaders.

Thanks to support from the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Surbaru for America Foundation, and APS Foundation, Audubon Arizona's River Pathways program is able to take urban teens out of their classrooms, get them into the field, and transform them into the next generation of conservation leaders! The program introduces students to Arizona’s amazing riparian areas and careers protecting them through hands-on classroom activities, field trips to the Rio Salado Audubon Center, Agua Fria National Monument, and Tonto National Forest, and summer field internships working with Audubon biologists. Contact Steven Prager for more information,, 602-468-6470 ext 122.

Click on the links below to download River Pathways curriculum materials for your classroom!

Phoenix Area River Pathways Materials:

River Pathways In-Class Curriculum

Multi-media components:

   Module I: Introduction to Riparian Areas

       Introductory Video

   Module 2: Riparian Plant ID

   Module 3: Riparian Animals

   Module 4: Multiple-Use Management - River Pathways Card Game

   Module 5: Science Takes Wing (Try either the Central AZ or riparian modules)

   Module 6: Mapping for Wildlife: ArcGIS Online

Field Trip Handouts

General River Pathways Information

Pre-Rio Salado Trip Handout

Post-Rio Salado Trip Handout

Agua Fria National Monument Trip Handout

Tonto National Forest Trip Handout

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