A group of students with chaperones look at a bird with binoculars during a field trip.
Photo: Chantal Duquette/Audubon
Education Programs

Field Trips and In-classroom Presentation

Educational Programming

Programming for students grades K-8

Field Trips

Nature in Your Neighborhood (K-8) 

Discover Sonoran Desert wildlife through a standards-based exploration field trip in the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area featuring three interactive STEAM stations: (pick up to 3 modules) 

  • Guided Nature Outing  
  • Mammals of Arizona 
  • Science & Art Collide 
  • Bird beak Adaptation Investigation 

Program Costs

$225/ Class
$150/ Title 1 Discount
Transportation Scholarships Opportunities Available

At School Program

Nature in Your Schoolyard (K-8) 

Students reexamine their campus as a place for not only students and staff, but a habitat for animals through three interactive STEAM stations:  

  • Guided Nature Outing 
  • Birds of the Valley 
  • Campus Habitat Redesign 
  • Bird beak Adaptation Investigation 

*Modules are 45min-1hr and can be taught in one day or multiple days 

Program Costs

$150/ 2 hour presentation
$120/ 1 hour presentation

Title 1 Discounts:
$120/ 2 hour presentation 
$100/ 1 hour presentation 

In addition to our in-person field trips and in-classroom presentations, we are also offering online presentations and pricing of Nature in Your Neighborhood, Urban Hummingbird, and Downtown Owls upon request.

For more info contact riosalado@audubon.org at 602-468-6470.

To schedule a program, please fill out the Education Program Request Form and email it to riosalado@audubon.org.

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