A group of students with chaperones look at a bird with binoculars during a field trip.
Photo: Chantal Duquette/Audubon
Education Programs

Field Trips and In-classroom Presetnation

Educational Programming

Programming for students grades K-8


Nature in Your Neighborhood  provides K—8 students with nature and ecology lessons that support classroom curriculum and align with Arizona state science standards.  Topics include:

  • Guided Nature/Bird Walk
  • Mammals of Arizona
  • Plants for Birds

Program Costs


Title 1 Scholarships Available

Urban Hummingbird Program

Students learn fascinating facts about Arizona’s smallest birds during a interactive presentation with natural hummingbird artifacts. Your class will discover simple ways they can help hummingbirds in their community and how to participate in vital community science work!

Downtown Owls Program

Students are introduced to the unique world of Burrowing Owls during this presentation that incorporates important problem-solving skills. Students will work in teams to solve conservation issues related to these wonderful raptors!

Program Cost

Title 1 Scholarships Available

Want to learn more about what you can do to help hummingbirds and other pollinators?  Check out our Native Plants for Native Birds page!

In addition to our in-person field trips and in-classroom presentations, we are also offering online presentations and pricing of Nature in Your Neighborhood, Urban Hummingbird, and Downtown Owls.

For more info contact Corey Lycopolus at 602-468-6470 x125.

To schedule a program, please fill out the Education Program Request Form and email it to Corey Lycopolus.

Other Education Programs

*Currently not available*

Birding 101 Workshop

Homeschool Students and Bird Enthusiasts!

Do you have a budding-birder who would like to know more about how to identify native birds? We have partnered with Master Naturalist Kathy Balman to provide a special Birding 101 workshop for an easy introduction to bird identification!

Event: Birding 101 Workshop
Date/Time: N/A
Location: Audubon Arizona – 3131 S. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040
Cost: $10 per student, $5 per chaperone
Binoculars (for loan) and Field Guides provided

The workshop is tailored to 6th-8th grade (but also open to high school) with a required age of 9. The Birding 101 Workshop is part of the Nerdy for Birdies – Birdwatching Club in Phoenix, created by Kathy Balman. Students can sign up for FREE guided bird walks with Kathy (binoculars and field guides available) in local, urban nature settings on select Friday mornings!

To register for Birding 101 Workshop and Nerdy for Birdies, please contact:

Kathy Blaman

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